Our teachers are looking forward to meeting you!

With plenty of motivation, commitment and passion for teaching, our speakeasy teachers are excited to welcome you to the school! Each and every one of our teachers is unique - just like you! What they all have in common is their love for the German language and helping others learn it. Our teachers base their teaching on the speakeasy method: For you, this means communication-oriented lessons in a relaxed atmosphere! Your needs and interests are at the centre of our courses. Our teachers make sure that you learn all the important skills for the respective level through fun lesson plans. Games and creative methods are welcome and will be implemented with pleasure! Get to know our teachers better here:

The teachers introduce themselves

Teacher Team - Simone


"Only where you were on foot, there you really were", said Goethe. I have made this quote my motto because I am on the move every day, not only physically but also mentally. My name is Simone and I come from Italy. My whole life is a journey that has led me to love the German language. When I studied German and English in Italy, I came closer to the German language. I have been living in Germany for eight years now, where I was able to deepen my knowledge through the Erasmus programme and by studying German Studies in Jena. Along the way, I taught Italian and later German as a foreign language at the adult education centre. It was then that I realised that teaching foreign languages was my passion. As a foreigner, I always wanted to teach others the language so that they could find their way and enjoy their destination in Germany as much as I did.

Teacher Team - Janne


Hello, I am Janne. I studied German and linguistics in Hamburg and Erfurt. My fascination for languages then led me to Speakeasy in April 2023. Having fun while learning languages is especially important to me in my courses! When I'm not in the classroom, you can usually find me sitting in the sun somewhere with an exciting book.

Teacher Team - Sarah


Hello! My name is Sarah and I have been working at speakeasy in Hamburg since 2021, at first only as a proctor for the telc exams, but now also as a teacher. Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by the world of languages and that's how I finally ended up at speakeasy after studying Slavic studies in Heidelberg and Hamburg. As a teacher, I am now happy to share my passion for languages with you and to help you on your way through the language learning process.

Teacher Team - Michael


I used to be a translator, but have now been teaching German both in Germany and abroad since 2015. I enjoy helping other people learn another language and develop a new personality in that language. In addition to teaching German, I'm also involved in psychology, music, and literature.

Teacher Team - Bianca


I grew up in a German community in western Romania and I came to Berlin due to my love for German literature. In Berlin, I studied philosophy and German philology. My hobbies are learning Russian and reading French contemporary literature. Oh, and electronic music. Welcome to Speakeasy!

Teacher Team - Maarten


Hallo! This is also how we greet each other in the Netherlands where I was born. As a Dutchman, I know what it means to learn German as a foreign language. I love languages, I studied ‘German Language and Culture’ and discovered Berlin in the process. I love this open and diverse city very much. I’ve lived here since 2014 with my German wife and since 2017 also with our two daughters. They are also learning German now – and hopefully also a little bit of Dutch!

Teacher Team - Nicola


It has always been crucially important in my life to work and deal with German language. After my studies of German Literature, Art and Media Science, I worked as a Dramaturg for several years in different theatres around Germany, such as Berlin and Saarbrücken. At speakeasy, I use my communication skills and enthusiasm for language to prepare you for the big stage we call ‘Berlin’. I look forward to getting to know you!

Teacher Team - Cordula


My name is Cordula and I'm from Köln/Cologne. I'm interested in the world, in other countries and other cultures. I spent the last few years living in New Zealand, Australia and Spain. Every now and then, I miss being abroad - so I enjoy meeting people from all over the world here at speakeasy every day. I want you to feel comfortable in my class - so I encourage you to ask questions and make mistakes, that's the best way to learn!

Teacher Team - Annika


Hi! My name is Annika. After studying German language and literature at uni and spending some time teaching abroad, I now live in Berlin. Since 2015, I have taught German in the speakeasy classrooms as well as at several companies. If you fancy not only learning about the present and past tense but also about cook books, German beer and discovering Berlin, just come down to speakeasy! I look forward to meeting you all!

Teacher Team - Ulrike


Hello! My name is Ulrike! I studied German Linguistics. The priorities in my classes are that (1) every one feels welcome, (2) you learn how to actually speak German and (3) you learn how to use german grammar correctly. An open-minded atmosphere, a lot of group/partner activities and detailed explanations are the base of my teaching style.

Teacher Team - Andreas


I studied German literature, politics and philosophy in Munich and Berlin. Since 2004 it has been my great pleasure to teach German as a foreign language. After working in India for 12 years, I returned to Berlin in April 2019. I really enjoy rediscovering this great city after all this time, even though I really do miss the delicious food and warm climate in India. Most of all, I enjoy teaching German as a foreign language to interesting people from all over the world.

Teacher Team - Lisa


Hi, my name is Lisa und I am teaching German as a foreign language since 2010. In the last years I lived in China, Vietnam and Poland; since 3 years Berlin is my new home. I enjoy learning languages as much as I love teaching them. In summer 2020 I joined Speakeasy. Looking forward to seeing you in class!

Teacher Team - Jan


Hi! My name is Jan and I am a true Berliner. I studied Italian studies and Intercultural German Studies / German as a foreign language in Berlin and Göttingen and since April 2020 I have been teaching at speakeasy. I look forward to having many interesting interactions with you and sharing a lot of motivating learning experiences.

Teacher Team - Rebecca


Hello German-learners! I‘m Rebecca! Everyone is warmly welcomed on my courses just as I was welcomed at speakeasy Berlin in January 2020. I studied Spanish and German (literature / linguistics) in the historical city of Tübingen and have travelled as a teacher, translator and pedagogical assistant in bilingual schools in Stuttgart, Dénia, Málaga (Spain) and San Estanislao (Paraguay). I love immersing myself in the world of books and have worked in publishing houses (product management) and volunteered writing scripts, leading performances, acting and coaching both adults and young people. Speaking German with body and voice: those who change themselves change others! ;)

Teacher Team - Uli


Hello, I am Uli and have taught German as a Foreign Language since 2002. Since the middle of 2009 I have worked at speakeasy and mostly teach private lessons and conversation courses. I like to spend my free time with music and literature.

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