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Full speed ahead with your Intensive German Course Online Hamburg! This course format is perfect for you if you want to rapidly take your German skills to the next level. The Intensive German Course Online Hamburg with 15 teaching units per week is ideally suited to turning you into a German expert in no time at all! At the same time, it also gives you enough time for a relaxing weekend: in the Intensive German Course Online Hamburg, you have lessons from Monday to Thursday - and Friday off. So you can already guess which of our course formats is the most popular! Join our German courses with physical attendance in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich –or register for our online courses!

Our Intensive German Course Online Hamburg has many great features. One of them is that it takes place in the virtual classroom. No matter which of the beautiful Hamburg districts you live in, whether you are currently traveling abroad or are enjoying yourself in a beach chair by the North Sea: you can simply log in online and take part in the course with ease!

In live online lessons, you will meet your speakeasy teacher and classmates at the same time every day, for four days a week. In our conversation-oriented Intensive German Course Online Hamburg, the focus is always on spoken interaction. With us you will of course also learn grammar, rules and structures, but above all you will learn real German for everyday life! Our native-speaking teachers are professionals at putting theory into practice with various interactive exercises. Our small groups of only eight to ten participants offer you a safe environment to try out new vocabulary and expressions. Each day of class takes you one step further and before you know it, you can have entire conversations in German.

Your benefits with your Intensive German Course Online Hamburg

In this Online German course, we use a mixture of speakeasy's own material and a digital textbook. With the textbook’s vocabulary lists and grammar explanations, you have a reliable companion at your side who will remain available to you after the course has ended. You can find further material for your Online German Intensive Course in our speakeasy library. With just a few clicks you can see which homework needs to be done and what was covered in class on a certain day - if you are unable to attend one day of the course, you will find everything you need to prepare for the next day here.

When you register for the Intensive German Course Online Hamburg, you also get access to our speakeasy community, where you can network not only with your classmates, but also with other speakeasy participants. Maybe there is someone from your neighbourhood, your city, your country? Find out! The speakeasy community is the perfect place to exchange ideas online.

This Online German course not only makes you fit in speaking German. You get a whole range of exciting extras - and all in a modern online format!

Here are the advantages of your Online German course:

  • virtual classroom
  • interactive live online lessons
  • small group size in your Intensive German Course Online Hamburg
  • four days of classes and a long weekend
  • 15 teaching units per week

Sound good? Yes, we think so too! Become part of the speakeasy community now and register:

online german course
  • strong community
  • modern software - for free!
  • native speakers teachers
  • free additional workshops

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Why speakeasy
online German courses?

Virtual and interactive

Your virtual classroom is full of possibilities! Discover the interactive whiteboard and meet your peers in exciting breakout rooms!

Awesome teachers from Germany

Our native-speaker teachers bring the speakeasy spirit right to your doorstep!

Live-Teacher Online Tutoring

Missed a class or didn’t understand a topic? No problem! We offer online tutoring sessions with a real teacher for free to current students.

Strong Community

Together we are strong! Chat with your classmates after your course and become part of our speakeasy community.

Free Workshops

Join our free workshops and learn more about grammar, pronunciation, or everyday life in Germany!

Course material always on hand

Shared folders give you access to lesson material and homework anytime and anywhere! Learn whenever you want, wherever you want.

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