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Language Visa
Language Visa

German is one of the most spoken languages in Europe, the academic system has an excellent reputation, and the stable job market offers many opportunities for international professionals. There are so many good reasons to travel to Germany and also to stay for the long term!

Moving to a new country is both exciting and thrilling, but it also brings challenges. But don't worry: We will support you throughout the entire process! Based on your motivation to come to Germany and your need for support, you can choose between two offers: Our Visa Support Service or our comprehensive University Pathway Program!

Visa courses and visa support service

This option is right for you if:

  • you want to apply for a visa to learn German in Germany, but you do not want to study in Germany
  • you want to be supported by our visa experts on the most critical elements of your visa application

There are many different visas for a stay in Germany: for example, the Schengen visa is suitable for a limited stay, but there are also different options for long-term periods. Which visas are available in each case also depends on the nationality of the applicant.

Our visa support service will help you better understand the requirements for a visa application. We also advise you on the most important aspects of your visa application.

Our visa support service includes:

Official enrollment letter for your language course
Once you have paid your language course fees and the enrollment letter fee, we will send you the official enrolment letter within just three business days.
Free assistance with the most important aspects of your visa application
Here you will get valuable tips that will help you to fill out your visa application on your own
Solutions for other visa requirements
We're happy to help you choose your health insurance, open a blocked bank account, and more!

Please select your nationality and learn more about your next steps on the way to Germany!

Our University Pathway Program

The University Pathway program is right for you if:

  • you want to study at a German university, but need to improve your German first; and
  • you would like to have an expert who supports you with advice and action

Applying to study at a university in a foreign country is a brave decision. Along the way, you will face several challenges: moving to a new country, finding accommodation, learning German at an academic level, and more. Having a strong partner by your side makes this process easier and reduces your stress immensely: we are here for you!

Our University Pathway program includes:

German course meeting visa requirements with official confirmation of enrollment.
Your language course as well as your official enrolment letter for the embassy are already included in the UPP package.
Assistance with the entire visa application process
We will support you with constructive feedback and helpful tips when filling out your visa application.
Solutions for other visa requirements
We'll help you choose your health insurance, open a blocked bank account, and more!
Comprehensive assistance in finding an apartment
We support you in your change of residence and offer free orientation workshops to help you settle in Berlin.
Qualifying examination for studies in Germany or conditional university admission
Here we check if your educational history meets the requirements of the German system and can help you get conditional university admission
Expert support for your university application
We help you apply to up to three German universities
Official German exam and preparation course
After your language course, you will complete your German learning with an official language exam. Our preparation course will help you with this. If you don't succeed the first time, you can write a second attempt for free!
German University preparation seminars.
Here we explain how the German university system works. With our orientation workshops you are well prepared for your start at university!

For more information about the University Pathway Program, click here. Start your free initial consultation now!

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