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Speakeasy offers German courses at all levels: from the very beginner (A1) to the advanced (C1) level. Our teaching is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which describes what language skills a person should have achieved at each level. We are here to help you achieve your desired language competence level within this framework. Within our Intensive Courses, Super-Intensive Courses and Evening Courses the CEFR levels are split into different course levels. For an overview please refer to our graph below.

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You know you want to learn German, but you wonder what the letters A, B and C mean? It’s simple: They tell you how advanced your knowledge of a foreign language already is.
Generally, A means it’s the beginner level, B means it’s intermediate and C indicates the advanced level – but it’s a fluent passage between the levels. In accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, we at speakeasy group our courses into these different levels.

Please note the different progression in intensive and evening classes - it is due to the number of lessons per week. The intensive course with four lesson days per week has twice as many appointments as the evening course with two lesson days per week.

Intensive courses:

Intensive Courses Level

Evening courses:

Evening Courses Level

More information to the content of your German Intensive Course

We’ve put together an overview so that you can easily check which topics and grammar conundrums await you in the different levels of the intensive course.

More information about the content of your German Evening Course

The speakeasy Evening Course divides a level into two parts; the course with the "+" always represents the second part of a level. For example, A1.1 is the first part of the A1.1 level. The second part is represented with a +: A1.1+. Below is a helpful overview with lots of useful information on the course contents of the various evening course levels.

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