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For every internationally engaged business, it is undeniably important to invest in the linguist capabilities of your employees. Whether it be for communication within a multi-national team, the integration of international employees into your company or smooth dealings with international suppliers, the ability to proficiently use multiple languages both orally and in writing represents a key success factor. speakeasy will help to enhance your employees’ linguistic proficiency in a targeted and success-oriented way through our German Business Language Course Hamburg.

We will happily tailor our proven course concept, which is geared towards conversation-orientated, interactive lessons, to your needs. We are proud that companies of various sizes and from a wide range of industries, ranging from small Start-ups to large, international corporations, have previously put their trust in us. We would be happy to convince you about the benefits of our speakeasy business language courses. You can even choose between two course formats: The online course is the perfect choice to offer language classes to employees based at different locations. For our on-site course, our teacher will come to our office.

Simply get in touch with us to get started: We would be glad to advise you and answer your questions about the German Business Language Course Hamburg.

Business language courses - Just as you need it

Why German Business Language Course Hamburg?















Our business courses offer a very high degree of flexibility – the course content will be matched to your individual needs. Whether you need to prepare for a specific occasion such as an important business presentation or whether you want to boost your general language skills for an improved communication with your colleagues and customers – just let us know and we can make it happen.
Our experienced trainers share an enthusiasm for languages and a passion for teaching. They have degrees in subjects like German Philology, English Studies, Linguistics and other relevant areas of study. What distinguishes speakeasy from many other languages in Berlin is that many of our language trainers are permanently employed.
Besides a high teaching quality, we understand that the price is significant, too. This is why our speakeasy business language courses come at affordable rates. We also offer substantial discounts for long-term partners!
To maintain our high level of flexibility, we use hand-outs instead of course books. This allows us to tailor the material specifically to your needs. Our language trainers will bring the hand-outs with them. All hand-outs are already included in the course price! If you prefer to work with a course book, of course this is also possible.
Sometimes, things are more urgent than language classes. To cancel a class, just let us know before 12pm the day before your class!

What our speakeasy business course has to offer

In this section we will explain to you the structure of our business language courses in more detail and how we ensure to offer you and your employees a genuine added value.

Before the scheduling of every speakeasy business course we ask the question: What are your needs and what are your goals?

We offer courses for every language level, regardless of whether your employee wants to start learning a new language, refresh and build upon their foundational knowledge or perfect their advanced skills. Upon request we will happily help evaluate your employee’s language level. Upon assessment of their language a fitting course can be organised. Alongside German business language courses we also offer business language courses for English, Spanish and other foreign languages. To find out more simply get in touch with us.

We are happy to set up the course content according to your wishes: Specific themes, such as everyday situations in the office, business correspondence or the necessary vocabulary to give a presentation in German, are just a few examples of what we typically focus on. Alongside this we will, of course, be sure to dedicate the appropriate time to reinforce and train grammar fundamentals.

The speakeasy business courses are scheduled according to the availability of your employees and take place in-house at your company. Should it be the case that you’re unable to attend a scheduled appointment, simply let us know before 12 o’clock (midday) the previous day. In this case we can postpone the class for you free of cost.

Our business language course has no set length. You decide yourself when the course begins and for how long it should last. Any course duration longer than a month is possible. Should you decide in advance to book the course for a longer period, we offer additional attractive discounts.

The classes can be arranged for 2-10 participants. In this way each participant will be given enough time and space to ensure that they progress quickly. The minimum duration of a language course appointment is 90 minutes.

Our qualified staff of language trainers will be happy to teach your employees. All teaching material is included in our business language course, so you won’t have to worry about anything else. In fact, our language trainers will bring the course material to the course. In order to make the content as close to real-life business situations as possible, there is, of course, also the possibility of integrating your own material into the course programme.

We would be happy to hear from you. Simply contact us using the form below and we will get back to you quickly with an offer. The speakeasy team looks forward to hearing from you.

The Business Language Course is based upon the CEFR

The fundamental structure of all our courses, including our Business Language Course Hamburg, is based upon the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). As a standard CEFR divides the proficiency in European languages into 6 differing levels, allowing for a general comparison of language ability:

  • The levels A1 and A2 train the foundational usage of the target language. At these levels one can manage in basic everyday situations and talk about themes concerning immediate, personal importance in your German business language course Hamburg
  • The following B1 and B2 levels train independent language usage. At B1 level most everyday situations can be negotiated and from B2 level onwards conversations concerning professional, subject-specific areas can also be held
  • C1 and C2 levels are focused on linguistic fine-tuning and work to achieving competent language usage. Only at these levels can the most complex and diverse topics be discussed and understood

Our competent language trainers for your business language course

At speakeasy we have a huge team of highly qualified and motivated language staff available for your business language course. All our teachers have the necessary qualifications and a wealth of experience in teaching foreign languages. Most have indeed learnt a new language themselves and are thus particularly well-practiced when it comes to making language learning an enjoyable, authentic and dynamic process. A hallmark of the speakeasy method is our conversation-orientated approach to learning. This is also a crucial component of the speakeasy business language courses: Interesting, realistic topics of discussion and a lively classroom atmosphere. We look forward greatly to convincing you of the outstanding quality of our business language courses.

Praise for our German Business Language Course Hamburg

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Our employees were very happy with the teachers. All teachers were well received by the groups and our employees enjoyed going to their classes.

Daniela Divjak


Business language course - NH Hotelgroup logo

What I liked most was the relaxed atmosphere and the small group of participants so that we all got the chance to speak!


NH - Hotelgroup

Business language course - Max-Planck-Institut logo

We have now worked with speakeasy for three years and are extremely happy with our choice! speakeasy has great teachers who can adapt to the group level and individual students.

Dr. Yara Reis


Become part of our success story

We are pleased to offer our speakeasy business courses to various businesses from start-ups to big companies.

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