Our events and workshops - free of charge for you!

If you are currently registered for one of our group courses, you can also benefit from our exciting events and workshops! Discover all our exciting events here:

1. the grammar workshop - food for thought

Our grammar workshops are the ideal opportunity to refresh and deepen your grammar knowledge. Every month, our speakeasy teachers prepare specific topics which they will explain in a clear manner - and of course they have lots of helpful tips for you on how to understand the rules and structures even better. The teachers will provide plenty of examples and provide you with lots of practice time in addition to the theory. The grammar workshops take place online, so you can simply log in from home. The date for our grammar workshops is always in the second week of the course. For each date, you can choose the workshop that is most relevant to you from a range of suggested topics. Maybe you've noticed that relative clauses are used quite often in everyday life, but you're no longer sure how to form them yourself? Or perhaps your first language keeps creeping in when you are trying to form German sentences, so you want to relearn sentence structure in German? You can find out in advance which specific topics are offered online in a practical overview. You can then register for the workshop of your choice with just a few clicks. Afterward, we will send you an e-mail with access links for the workshop.

Our grammar workshops always take place in the first course week. A summary of all topics will be available online beforehand. With just a few clicks, you can register and will receive your log in details by email.

2. thematic workshops - useful information on life in Germany

Getting settled in Germany is not always easy. That's why we address specific expat-related questions in our thematic workshops. In presentations on topics such as "How to find a flat in Germany", we give you helpful tips and also reveal one or two tricks that will make life in Germany easier for you. Other seminars deal with "How to find a job in Germany" and "How to apply to a German university". Our experts give the lectures in English, so you can take part in the online seminar regardless of your current level of German.

How do I find a flat in Germany?
  • Where to search for and find an apartment
  • Important information about rental contracts
  • Registering that you are living in Germany
Finding a job in Germany?
  • Overview of the types of employment in Germany
  • Writing a CV for a German employer
  • Expectations in the workplace
How do I apply to a German university?
  • Different types of universities
  • Gaining Admission
  • How do tuition fees in Germany work?
And much more!
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speakeasy Hamburg - Get to know our community!

speakeasy wohlfühlen

With us you can not only learn German in a cosy atmosphere, but also meet new people! Our online community is the ideal place to exchange ideas with other participants. But that's not all: we also organise regular events where you can meet other speakeasies outside the classroom context. This is the perfect opportunity to meet people since everyone is in a similar situation: new language, new country, new people! This is sure to get you talking and making new contacts quickly.

3. The Student Social

Hamburg has fantastic places to enjoy an evening with a drink and good company! At our student social events, called “Stammtisch”, we show you our favourite pubs and bars and look forward to chatting with you. What makes the Stammtisch so special for us is that we get to meet people from all over the world - come and join us! We love to hear the stories and experiences of our speakeasy participants and to gather the world around one table. The speakeasy Stammtisch therefore offers you the perfect setting to casually get into conversation with other people and make new friends. Of course, it brings a special smile to our faces if you order your drinks in German or try speaking German with us - but that's not a necessity! The focus here is on socialising and every language is welcome!

speakeasy Stammtisch

4. The surprise

Every month we plan something special for you: It could be a city tour off the beaten track, a visit to an exhibition or a trip to the fish market together. We always come up with something new! Our surprise event always takes place on Wednesdays in the second week of the course. You can easily register online: Shortly before your course starts, we will send you more information about your course and our events. In your course information email, you will find the link to the registration form, where you can easily register.

Excursion to the Speicherstadt
  • Visit the world heritage site in the centre of Hamburg
  • Admire the unique architecture
  • Relax with freshly brewed coffee in the coffee roastery
Street Art in Hamburg
  • Explore the city on a street art tour
  • Be inspired by urban creativity!
  • Maybe you'll find a new masterpiece?
Visit the Reeperbahn
  • Get to know Hamburg's cult pubs
  • Discover the unique mix of culture and fun
  • Enjoy the hustle and bustle
And much more!
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Our event calendar

Here you will find an overview of the events and workshops we are planning for you this month. You will find all information about registration in the course invitation email for the current course-month.

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