Your telc C1 Hochschule exam at speakeasy Hamburg

When is the telc C1 Hochschule exam right for me?

The certificate telc C1 Hochschule is most commonly asked for when applying to a German-speaking university or place of further education. Telc C1 Hochschule certifies that your knowledge of German is very advanced and that you are capable of understanding and using scientific language.

What level of knowledge do I need to sit the telc C1 Hochschule?

At best you should have already successfully completed a C1-level language course. At C1 level you should be able to speak, read and understand German to a high level. You make few or very few mistakes when you express yourself and you are able to easily discuss complex topics. Your vocabulary allows you to spontaneously make a joke in German or use an idiomatic expression in a conversation. You are no longer troubled by difficult texts, including scientific themes.

Why should I choose the telc C1 Hochschule exam and not TestDaf or DSH?

The certificate telc C1 Hochschule is accepted as a prove of your German language knowledge by German Universities and institutes of further education. The following list visualizes the benefits of a telc C1 Hochschule exam:

  • Many different exam dates to choose from: We at speakeasy offer you various exam dates throughout the year. You can choose the exam date which suits you best (find a date here),
  • Fast correction times: The correction time for the telc exam will normally take between 5-6 weeks.
  • Possibility of taking partial exams: Should you not pass one part of your C1 Hochschule exam (written or oral), you can repeat the corresponding part and do not have to take the entire exam again. This saves you time and releases you from added pressure.
  • Accepted by almost all universities: Different from the DSH exam the telc C1 Hochschule exam is accepted at almost every university and institute of further education in Germany, no matter where you sat your test.

How can I best prepare myself for the telc C1 Hochschule exam?

To best prepare yourself for the content of the telc C1 Hochschule exam, we recommend that you take our C1 Intensive German Course or our Super-Intensive German Course. Additionally, we offer a special telc C1 Hochschule Preparation Course, during which you will practice specific parts of the exam. To ensure your preparation is as intensive and individually focused as possible, there is also the possibility of booking Private Lessons German with a member of our experienced teaching staff.

How can I register for the telc C1 Hochschule exam?

To register now for the exam, you can simply use our course configurator found at the bottom of the page. All our upcoming exam dates and prices are found in this overview.

How is the telc C1 Hochschule structured?

The exam telc C1 Hochschule is made up of two parts: The written part and the oral part. The duration of the different sections of each part are found in the table below. Before the start of the oral exam, you will have 20 minutes of preparation time to familiarise yourself with the tasks at hand.

Written exam
Reading + grammar comprehension
Listening comprehension
Oral exam
Normally together with one or two other participants as a group exam
16 - 24
  • 1
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