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Do you want to come to Germany with a language visa in order to perfect your German knowledge or prepare yourself for studying in German? We can offer you a perfectly suited course, which you will also require for your language visa application.

Language Visa

How does the application process for a language visa work?

In order to apply for a language visa, we recommend to firstly get in touch with the German embassy located in your home country. They can tell you the exact requirements for your language visa application and of how the application process works. Be aware that an application for a language visa can take some time. Please take this into account and start as early as possible to prepare your application.

Participants from the EU or EEA countries do not have to apply for a visa. Additionally, participants from Australia, Brazil, Japan, Israel, Canada, South Korea and the USA have a simpler procedure and can apply for a language visa directly from Germany. For other participants from other countries it must be noted that, before travelling to Germany, the language visa must be applied for at the German embassy located in the home country.

What types of language visa are there?

There are two types of language visa granted specifically for the learning of the German language. Depending on your motive for learning German, you can apply for a German language visa or a study preparation visa. The German language visa allows you to come and stay in Germany for a fixed amount of time in order to learn German. When applying you must be able to prove with a letter of confirmation that you have already registered for a language course in Germany.

Applying for a study preparation visa is somewhat more complex because you will require a provisional certificate of acceptance from a German university. We will gladly respond to your visa questions, so you know exactly which visa is the one that you should aim for.

How can speakeasy help me with my application for a language visa?

Regardless of your country of origin, a language visa application must meet various criteria. A few of the requirements are the same for everyone:

  • Confirmation of a German language course of a minimum length of 18 teaching units per week for the duration of the language visa
  • Official written confirmation proving that you have registered to a language course
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the duration of the visa
  • Health insurance for the duration of the visa.

Speakeasy can offer you special language visa courses, our Super-Intensive German Courses. These courses fulfil the requirements of 18 teaching units per week. After successful registration we can present you with an official confirmation letter (visa enrolment letter) that you must then show at the time of applying for the visa at the German embassy or the foreigners’ office.

Here you will find the prices for our Super-Intensive German Courses and the fee for issuing the enrolment letter.

What happens if my visa application is delayed or my visa is rejected?

If the application process for your language visa is delayed, please inform us about this straight away. If you inform us latest 10 days before the start of the first course, we can help you postpone your course to the next month. If your language visa application is rejected, please send us the rejection letter in its original form. We can subsequently offer a refund of 70 % of the course price.

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