How to apply for your language visa

There are few things as exciting and courageous as moving to another country. The better prepared you are, the better chance you have of getting to Germany! At our language schools in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, we have built a vast experience on visa-related questions. Our visa experts will help you out!

By booking a language course that meets the visa requirements with us, you will automatically benefit from our helpful support package for your visa application! You can also get more useful information on visa application and moving to Germany in advance, for example, from Welcome Hub Germany.

These services are included in the package:

Official confirmation of the booking of your language course
After payment of the course and the enrollment confirmation fee, we will send you the official confirmation letter you need for your visa application within just three working days.
Helpful tips for your visa application
With our tips, applying for a visa on your own will be much easier!
Solutions for other visa requirements
We'll help you choose health insurance, set up your blocked bank account, and much more!
Comprehensive assistance in finding an apartment
We support you in your change of residence and offer free orientation workshops to help you settle in Germany

There are a variety of different visas. In the following we present three of them: With these it is possible to travel to Germany to learn German here or to prepare for studies at a German university. See which visa best fits your situation and then select your nationality from our drop-down menu. We will then explain to you which requirements you need to fulfill for your visa application, as these depend on your home country.

Select your nationality and discover the next steps to apply for yourNow select your nationality from the list and learn more about the next steps for your visa application!

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