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Your German Conversation Course Hamburg

If you have ever felt like your spoken German needs extra practice, your confidence could use a little boost or perhaps you wanted to reduce your accent, the German Conversation Course Hamburg at speakeasy is the right one for you.

Course details for the German Conversation Course Hamburg at speakeasy:

  • Start dates German Conversation Course Hamburg: Every month (see course dates)
  • Duration of one course month: 4 weeks
  • 1 day of class per week
  • Always Friday from 10:00 AM to 12:45 PM
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Quick facts about our German Conversation Course:

Deutsch Konversationskurs Hamburg – Alle Level von A1 bis C1

Key feature
Improve your speaking style and accent in German

Deutsch Konversationskurs Hamburg – Alle Level von A1 bis C1

Course concept
Discuss interesting topics and supplement your other speakeasy German course

Deutsch Konversationskurs Hamburg – Alle Level von A1 bis C1

Level duration
Ongoing course

Deutsch Konversationskurs Hamburg – Alle Level von A1 bis C1

Fridays from 10:00 AM to 12:45 PM

Deutsch Konversationskurs Hamburg – Alle Level von A1 bis C1

Benefit from all the speakeasy advantages

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Further information on the German Conversation Course Hamburg

The German Conversation Course Hamburg is for you if you want to have the opportunity to focus on improving your spoken German skills. Build the motivation and confidence needed for the workplace, supermarket, doctor’s office, Hamburg fish market or whatever else! To encourage you to speak the language like a proper German speaker – with no hesitation but with plenty of confidence. This course will help you to hold real conversations in German about important day-to-day topics. Colloquial language and slang along with proper pronunciation and accent reduction will be covered in the speakeasy German Conversation Course Hamburg. Practice speaking to further immerse yourself into the culture of Hamburg and Germany. Apply your knowledge of German and practice speaking as much as possible. You will learn idioms, figures of speech and the correct intonation and usage to boot. You can even learn the local Hamburg lingo! Our qualified and dedicated language teachers are always there to help you with the complex issues to do with the German language. If you feel that you want to learn even more, you can easily combine the German Conversation Course Hamburg with other speakeasy courses like the German Intensive Course Hamburg or the German Course Hamburg Evening.

The German Conversation Course Hamburg will be tailored to your interests, as we have found that this is the most beneficial (and fun) way to learn German. Our aim is to provide you with as much contact with the language and culture as possible to ensure that you progress quickly and steadily. As we offer Conversation Courses for all levels of German from A1 to C1, we have a class for you, regardless of your current level. We use the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as a guideline for all of our courses, so you can be sure that our courses are not only interesting and motivating but also properly qualified.

Our courses consist of only small groups with 4 to no more than 10 participants. With such small class sizes, you will receive plenty of personal attention from your instructor. There will also be ample opportunity to get to know your classmates. Our students come from all over the world. If you have just arrived in Hamburg and are looking to meet new people, your German Conversation Course Hamburg is a great place to start! A good number of our students are new to the city, so our courses are the perfect environment to make new connections.

Speakeasy should feel like a second home to you. All of our classrooms are bright and cosy; they feel like a place you want to hang out, not some boring school. We want you to feel comfortable and relaxed while learning, because that is the speakeasy idea.

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Do you need more information? Check out all our course times here. For more information on pricing, just have a look at our price list. In our FAQ section we have collected many answers to frequently asked questions. Additionally, our language placement test can support you in figuring out the correct course level for you.

Ready to sign in? If you want to register for you German Conversation Course Hamburg you can very easily do that online. Just use our course configurator below. The course configurator supports you to intuitively book your preferred course. Of course, you can also pop by the school and make your booking in person. In any way, we are excited to meet you soon!

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