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online courses

Live lessons in a virtual classroom, no matter where you are – find out more about our online courses!

startingfrom 109 EUR / month

1 hr 30 Min / 2 times a week

startingfrom 209 EUR / month

2 hr 45 Min / 4 times a week

startingfrom 269 EUR / month

18 teaching units a week

physical courses

From summer 2021, you can attend our courses with physical attendance in our cosy speakeasy classrooms in Hamburg

startingfrom 119 EUR / month

1 hr 30 Min / 2 times a week

startingfrom 230 EUR / month

2 hr 45 Min / 4 times a week

startingfrom 300 EUR / month

18 teaching units a week

speakeasy ?

The speakeasy Method

Conversation-based and with exactly the right mix of theory and practise – this is how you learn German for the real world in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich!

Great Learning Group Sizes

Our small groups average 8 to 10 students (min 4; max -depending on classroom- 12 or 14) so you’ll have lots of one-on-one time with your teacher.

Live-Teacher Online Tutoring

Missed a class or didn’t understand a topic? No problem! We offer online tutoring sessions with a real teacher for free to current students.

Speakeasy Events & Community

Events, an online community, and regular outings to local bars & museums make finding friends and language practice partners easy!

Free Workshops & Seminars

Attend regular free-of-charge workshops to help refine your German grammar or aid you in settling into life in Germany. Find out more here.

Speakeasy Library

Online and available 24/7 – in our library, you can find information on your course, homework, and additional material!

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State-of-the-art online courses


speakeasy is open again for participants! You can now choose between two course formats which are independent of each other. Sign up now to secure your spot!

Courses with physical attend­ance

For physical classes, please bring along a face mask. You will have to wear it all time. In addition to this, in our classrooms we have adjusted the seating order in a way that guarantees the minimum distance of 1,50m on every side. The amount of participants in the class depends on the classroom and varies between min. 4 and max. 14 persons. Thanks to this security measure you can take off your mask once you’re seated in the classroom! Please follow our hygiene concept during your stay at speakeasy.

We implemented the following new measures in the school:

  1. All doorhandles in the school have been outfitted with a special anti-germ foil. It helps reduce any lingering viruses or bacteria on contact surfaces with 99.98% efficiency.

  2. Each classroom will be equipped with an air filter. According to a recent study, air filters can help reduce the amount of the aerosol virus load by as much as 90% in a half hour. The air filters will be an addition to regularly opening the windows and ventilating the school.

  3. To keep the school heated despite ventilating at lower temperatures, we installed heat lamps in the classrooms.

Online courses

We continue to offer online courses which you can also sign up for online. The online courses take place in a virtual classroom. You will receive your log in details per email after your registration. Our online courses are available in different course formats: The Online Intensive course takes place on four days per week; the online evening course gives you two nights of lessons per week. True to our speakeasy motto, our online courses are just as interactive and focused on communication as our courses with physical attendance.

Take German language courses in person or online!

Speakeasy offers both Physical German language courses which take place on location at our school in Hamburg, and also Online courses which are taught over Zoom and can be joined from anywhere in the world!

In both course types, our native-speaking teachers provide interesting and creative lessons and enjoy using fun and exciting teaching methods. With an average of eight to ten people per class (min 4, max 14), you’ll have a range of classmates to exchange ideas and practice what you are learning.

German courses are available in a multitude of intensities, so you’re sure to find something to fit your schedule. The most popular course types are:

Intensive course

A Monday to Thursday grammar course that covers all aspects of language learning including speaking, reading, writing, and listening. Classes run for 2 hours, 45 minutes per day and are held at four possible timeslots: 9:00, 12:00, 15:00, 18:00 – all times in CET.

Super-Intensive course

The Super-Intensive course takes the same Monday to Thursday grammar course from the Intensive course, and adds on a Friday conversation class to really accelerate your learning and jumpstart your speaking abilities. The Friday class is always held at 10:00 – 12:45 CET, regardless of which timeslot you have for Monday to Thursday.

Evening / Semi-Intensive course

This class takes place twice per week, either on Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday and is perfect for those with a busy schedule. Classes run for 1 hour, 30 minutes per day and are held at two possible timeslots: 18:00 or 19:45 – all time in CET.

telc language certification exams

In addition to German courses, speakeasy also offers telc exams: You can write any level from A1 to C1 and even C1 Hochschule. For more information about our exams, please click here.

Not only is it fun and easy to learn German or take an exam with us, but the booking process couldn’t be simpler: It can be done online in just a few simple steps or in person at the school. If you have any questions free to come by and talk to us anytime during operating hours or simply send us an email using the form below:

Get in

Click here to immediately book your course/exam. If you still have questions about the course, you can contact our team through the booking form below. Please be aware that response times can take up to 2-3 days.

Find out here how we protect and process your data.

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