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Corona update

Please note that the visa requirements for many countries have been temporarily adjusted due to the global pandemic. We recommend checking the details directly with the German Embassy in your home country (click here).

Despite the ongoing pandemic, our visa experts will be happy to advise you in the best course of action regarding visa applications and language course enrolments.

There is an agreement between your home country and Germany that makes it easier for you to enter the country: When you arrive in Germany, you will receive a Schengen visa and can stay in Germany for up to 90 days. However, it is not possible to convert this Schengen visa into a long-term visa in Germany! If you are planning a long-term stay in Germany, you have to apply for a visa in your home country at the German embassy, e.g. for the language course visa or the study preparation visa. The processing of your visa application takes some time, so please plan accordingly.

We know that a visa application can be complicated and time-consuming. Therefore, we are happy to support you! The success of our visa experts speaks for itself: We have already helped thousands of participants worldwide to submit their visa application! Here are the next steps for you:

  • Use our checklist for your preparation
  • Book your language course via our course configurator
  • Order your official certificate of enrollment after receiving confirmation of your course enrollment.
  • Benefit from our visa support service and submit your visa application

These are the next steps for you:

Step 1:Prepare yourself with the help of our

Step 2: Book your language course with speakeasy using the course configurator below

Step 3: After having received our confirmation email, order your official confirmation of enrolment (for a fee, see our price list)

Step 4: Use our visa support and prepare your visa application

Language Visa
speakeasy visa package
  • Quick preparation of visa-eligible enrolment letter
  • Free-of-charge essential visa application support
  • Solutions for supplementary visa requirements
  • Comprehensive Relocation Assistance Services
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The speakeasy Visa Support Service package includes:

Quick preparation of visa-eligible enrolment letter
After paying the Enrolment letter fee, you will receive your enrolment letter in up to 3 business days
Free-of-charge essential visa application support
We provide resources and tips to help you successfully complete the visa application on your own
Solutions for supplementary visa requirements
Utilize our help to easily book your health insurance, open your blocked bank account and more
Comprehensive Relocation Assistance Services
We offer accommodation support and free-of-charge workshops to help you settle in Berlin


Have a look at our checklist to understand the general requirements OR find out the requirements directly from the Foreigners‘ Office:

If you want to come to Germany for 3-months or less, than you can simply travel here and receive a 90 day Schengen Visa on arrival. While you are here, you are free to study German as much you would like. Please be aware that you are not allowed to upgrade from the tourist visa to any other type of visa. (To direclty book you language course for your Schengen visa simply simply click here.)

If you intend to come for longer than 3-months, you will need to apply for a long-term visa at the German consulate in your home-country*. Processing your application usually takes three months so make sure to plan accordingly.

We have lots of experience helping students from all over the world receive visas and would be thrilled to help you too!

To book the suitable visa course for your long-term visa application continue with the next step by choosing your course with our course configurator below.

* Please note: In our experience, German embassies usually prefer that you already have some German language knowledge before applying for a visa. We highly recommend learning German at least to level A1, A2, or B1 before you apply for a long-term visa. You can easily learn German in your home country with our online courses. To book your online course simply click here.)

How to proceed?

Option 1: Directly book your Visa Course to continue with the second step ( click here ).

Option 2: Get in touch with our visa experts to receive more support for the first step ( click here ).

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