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University Pathway Program (UPP)

A simplified path to study in Germany
and obtain a world-class education!

University Pathway Program

Study at a German university - with our University Pathway Program (UPP)

Do you also dream of studying at a German university? No wonder, because the academic education here is among the best in the world! Another key advantage of the German education system is that there are no tuition fees. So what are you waiting for? With our University Pathway Program we support you from your visa application to your enrollment at a German university!

University Pathway Step 1

100% free
Initial consultation

Start your UPP

University Pathway Step 2

in your
home country

University Pathway Step 3

your visa
and traveling

University Pathway Step 4

Preparation in

of your

University Pathway Step 4

at the
you have chosen

speakeasy supports you
Your action

Our special offer

1. Secure the offer
price now
You can book now and start your UPP flexibly until the end of 2021
2. Savings up to 570 euros
For more info, see "How much does the UPP cost?" below.
3. Guaranteed without risk!
If your visa is denied due to the current Corona pandemic, you will get your money back in full!

Every journey starts with the first step. Arrange your initial consultation now!

Just write to us via the contact form.
Our UPP experts will get back to you within a short time.

Start your UPP now!

Our special offer

Normal price
time limited
special price
100% free of charge
STAGE 1 (Support in your home country9
490 €
390 €
STAGE 2 (University Pathway)
Start from A1
(no previous knowledge of German, incl. 13 months German course)
5070 €
4599 €
Start from A2
(incl. 11 months German course)
4510 €
4099 €
Start from B1
(incl. 9 months German course)
3870 €
3499 €
Start from B2
(incl. 7 months German course)
3150 €
2799 €

Unsure if the University Pathway Program is a good fit for you?

Let's find out together! The initial consultation with our UPP experts is completely free of charge. Together we will find out which possibilities there are for you to study in Germany:

  • Examination of your educational path to decide which path to study suits you best
  • Conversion of your scores into the German system
  • Creation of an individual plan for your success

Write to us now to schedule your free initial consultation about the University Pathway program!

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WhatsApp: + 49 20 6095 4149

Write us a message via the contact form or WhatsApp and tell us something about yourself: Why do you want to study in Germany, how has your previous education been? Then we will make an appointment for your free consultation.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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