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telc exams in Hamburg - qualifications made easy

The European Language Certificate Exams can be a daunting task, but here at speakeasy we aim to make it as comfortable and stress free as possible with our high-quality telc exams in Hamburg.

Many students need a formal German language certificate for a variety of reasons. You may need it for a visa or university application or maybe your employer needs an official certificate of your language level. Whatever your reason for taking a telc exam in Hamburg are, we are sure we will be able to offer something for you. We are offering telc exams for all German speaking levels from A1 up to the very advanced C1 Hochschule.

Why should you take your telc exam in Hamburg at speakeasy?

If you have already taken a course with us and enjoyed it, we are sure that taking your telc exam will be the same high quality experience you have come to expect.

These are some of the key reasons why taking your telc exams in Hamburg with speakeasy is going to be a comfortable experience.

  • Our language courses are all designed in accordance with the European framework of language levels. This means that as you progress through our courses, you will be naturally prepared for your German telc examination
  • We have an experienced team of teachers here at speakeasy Hamburg, many of them are also trained telc examiners.
  • Speakeasy Hamburg will gladly arrange one-to-one private lessons where you and one of our instructors can focus on any aspect of the telc exam that you feel you need support with. You may also wish to take one of our telc preparation courses (included if you sign up for a telc exam for B1 or higher)
  • Speakeasy Hamburg is centrally located next to the main train station so if you are traveling from outside the city getting to and from the exam centre shouldn’t be difficult.
  • Both the written and oral parts of your telc exam in Hamburg are taken on the same day
  • Speakeasy Hamburg also offers exams on Saturday, so you can fit your telc exam around your work schedule.

What is telc?

Before you register for your telc exam in Hamburg we wanted to give you a little more information on who the telc Exam company is and why its qualifications are right for you. For almost 50 years telc GmbH has represented a gold standard in providing language qualifications. With over 7,500 licensed partners, telc is one of the most respected language exam boards worldwide. Our telc exams in Hamburg are recognised for all official purposes in Germany and can be used for university and visa applications, as well as opening doors to new professional opportunities.

What telc exam levels are offered in Hamburg?

Speakeasy offers regular telc exams in Hamburg at the A1, B1, B2, C1 Allgemein, and C1 Hochschule levels. This means whatever your level or purpose for taking the exam is – we have something for you. You can find a full list of dates and prices for our telc exams on our website. One of the most popular telc exams in Hamburg by speakeasy is the telc C1 Hochschule exam. This exam is designed specifically for language learners to prove their German proficiency when applying to study in a German speaking university or higher education institution.

Which level should you book?

Before you book one of our telc exams in Hamburg it is important to ensure that you are booking the correct level. You can easily check your language level by taking the German level test if you are unsure about your speaking skills.

How to book telc exams in Hamburg

We offer telc exams in Hamburg at the levels A1, B1, B2, C1 Allgemein, and C1 Hochschule. Please be aware that you need to register for the exam at the very latest by the Thursday two weeks before your exam date (by 1pm). For telc exams on a Friday,the registration deadline is 15 days before the exam; for exams on Saturdays, it's 16 days. A later registration is unfortunately not possible, but of course you are able to select a later exam date if you have missed the deadline.

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Short-term Registration

You can register for a telc exam at speakeasy with extremely short notice – as little as 9 days before the exam!

Three exam dates per month

telc exams take place almost every week. With so many options, you can be very flexible - just pick the date that suits you best!

Free exam prep course

All exam bookings for B1, B2, C1, & C1 Hochschule include a free, online preparation course. That way, you’ll be extra ready on your big day!

Full exam in only one day

At speakeasy you can take the written and oral part of the exam in one day - this means you only have to block off a single day for the exam.

Result by e-mail

We will send you your result free of charge by e-mail. So you know immediately whether you have passed or not.

Centrally located

Located on Lilienstraße in the old town of Hamburg, speakeasy is easy to reach by public transport. S-Bahn, U-Bahn, & tram stations are all only minutes away.

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Important update on telc registration deadlines

For all telc exams from the 1st of September 2021, the registration deadline is 13:00 on the Thursday two weeks before the exam date at the latest.

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