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German thematic courses at speakeasy

On Fridays, you can focus on specific topics in German in our thematic online courses at speakeasy. You don't just learn everyday German, but you also focus on very specific aspects of the German language.

If you want to study or work in Germany or get to the bottom of German syntax, then choose a thematic online course:

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  • Focused Grammar for A1 and A2
  • German in the office for B1 and B2     Always online on Fridays from 10:00 - 12:45
  • German for university for B2 and C1

Focused Grammar for A1 and A2

Nominative, accusative or dative? Would you like to understand how the German language works? Then the Focused Grammar course for A1 and A2 is just right for you! This course is about the logical and sometimes not so logical structure of the German language. Your teacher will give you grammar tips and answer to your questions about German grammar. This course lets you put theory into practice!

German at Work for B1 and B2

Would you like to work for a German company? Do you want to learn more about professional life in Germany? Then you've come to the right place! When is a handshake appropriate or how do you write professional emails to your boss? In German at Work for B1/B2 you will learn how to communicate at work, understand company structures or payroll accounting, how to negotiate wages, how to write a CV and much more. Your teacher will answer your specific questions about work and prepare you for your career.

German for University for B2 and C1

Do you want to study at a German university or are you already enrolled in one? Then the German for University course for B2/C1 is highly recommended! Here you will have the opportunity to read and understand scientific texts, familiarise yourself with typical vocabulary and give short lectures or presentations. You will also get insights into how to write a term paper and how to prepare for an exam. Your teacher will give you lots of tips to make student life more enjoyable.

Special features at a glance:

Deutsch Intensivkurs bei speakeasy Hamburg

Course content
Take time on Fridays to learn more about specific topics in German.

Deutsch Intensivkurs bei speakeasy Hamburg

Learn quickly with 3 Teaching Hours per week!

Deutsch Intensivkurs bei speakeasy Hamburg

Course duration
The course lasts 4 weeks.

Deutsch Intensivkurs bei speakeasy Hamburg

Course Time
The perfect way to start the weekend: Your thematic course is always on Fridays from 10:00 - 12:45.

Deutsch Intensivkurs bei speakeasy Hamburg

Virtual classroom
The course takes place online. Log in to our virtual classroom!

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